Feed a dog canned vegetables?

Q&A: Feed a dog canned vegetables?
I know veggies are good for dogs, but are canned vegetables good as well? I gave my 3 month old puppy a can of mixed veggies (carrots, green beans, potatoes…) yesterday and he ate the whole can. He went poop about 15 minutes later. Did he absorb any nutrients? I was wondering if that was a waste, since it seemed to have “run right through him.” Maybe it was a coincidence, I’ll try once more.

Canned veggies are more convenient for me, but I need your opinons. Do you feed your dogs canned veggies? Does it do anything for them?
Oh my. I didn’t expect people to ASSume I only feed him veggies. He is on a very good puppy food. I just had a can of mixed veggies in my pantry and I wasn’t going to eat it, so I thought I’d see if he liked it.

Thank you to the people that mentioned sodium, sugar and preservatives.

And to those of you who ASSume and say I don’t take care of my dog, you can kiss my ….

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Most likely the poo 15 minutes later, wasn’t the vegetables, it was food from earlier in the day or the previous day, as it takes food longer than 15 minutes to digest, unless it gave him the runs. Talk to your vet before you do this anymore, it may be doing more harm than good.

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11 Responses to Feed a dog canned vegetables?

  1. vtecman1@sbcglobal.net says:

    The only thing that i can think of, is that he did absorb the nutrients, but if you look on the back of the can there are chemicals that are used to preserve the vegetables, i think maybe the stomach maybe sensitive to that.

  2. sleepingliv says:

    A good quality dog food should provide the nutrients your dog needs without having to substitute table food.

    Canned veggies are not all that healthy. Sodium content is through the roof and most nutrients are soaked out of them.

  3. princessmeltdown says:

    Are you also providing your puppy with needed protein and other nutrients? Canned mixed vegetables are not designed for an animal’s nutritional needs so while this may be convenient for you, I suspect that you’re neglecting your dog (not intentionally – you just need to re-educate yourself on the nutitional needs of a dog).

    That’s not to say you should not be giving your dog veggies but remember that dogs are carnivores – their teeth are designed for tearing meat (unlike a human’s teeth which are flat in the back, designed for grinding grains).

    Nobody should take on the role of pet owner if any part of it is inconvenient. You’re responsible for a living creature who relies on you completely for its most basic needs.

  4. Helena says:

    NO! STOP IT!
    Dogs are CARNIVORES! NOT herbivores!
    An occasional bit of veg or fruit is a treat!-NOT a diet!

  5. paint1boxers says:

    I give my dogs carrots and green beans- I prefer frozen, but sometimes I run out and all I have on hand is canned! The veggies are good for them, and are great fillers if you want them on a diet. they also like fresh fruits- especially apples, Stay away from grapes and raisins which are toxic to dogs. Don’t give him a whole can at first, or even a whole bag of the frozen, start him out with small quantity’s so his system will adjust.

  6. Marie P says:

    No canned vegetables. Maybe pieces of fresh/frozencarrots, green beans, broccoli, etc. as a treat … not a meal.

  7. Belinda K says:

    Veggies are good for humans, not necessarily dogs, as dogs are carnivores. The poop that came 15 mins later was probably from the food he was fed before. But if his poop came very frequently after, it means he didn’t absorb much nutrients from the veggies. The main ingredients that are good and nutritious for dogs are meat. In addition, canned veggies contains a lot of preservatives and other chemicals that may not be good to a dog’s system. I would avoid feeding your dog any human food, besides boiled chicken breast.

  8. JoAnn S says:

    Giving your puppy only canned veggies are NOT good. A puppy needs a good quality of dry food made just for puppies. If given a good dog food, no additional food would be needed.

  9. chummermandi says:

    Hi there make sure they are salt and sugar free.Both are bad for dogs.why not feed him fresh now and again its much cheaper and better for him.Dont forget though that dogs are canine and need to eat protien too.C x

  10. Debbie H says:

    I have two boxers, and I do feed them canned vegetables. I mix a half-can in with each of their dry kibble. Make sure you get the “no salt” kind, and stay away from corn! Corn is indigetible by dogs (and humans too actually). Mine really like green beans and peas. The mixed veggies are good too. If you can find no-salt greens, such as spinach or kale, that’s good for them.

    We also mix in plain yogurt, cottage cheese, hard boiled eggs and stuff like that (not all at once, individually) – its good for their coats as well.

  11. ladydye_5 says:

    fresh or frozen would be better,,,,the can ones have soo much salt and other things in them. my vet told me to use frozen, and i have used fresh too.

    you could try to rinse the can veggies to help wash off some of the salt and such

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