what vegetables can I grow in dallas?

Q&A: what vegetables can I grow in dallas?
My husband and I were planning on growing a vegetable patch in our backyard. The yard is pretty sunny with less shade. What veggies can we grow. Since this is our first time, we are looking for ones that are less fragile to handle. What care should we take? What kind of seeds are the best. Any tips would be helpful.

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  1. Samuel M says:

    Texas is a great place to grow vegetables and fruits!
    here are some in order of easiest to grow (they are all pretty easy if you plant them right):
    1)Tomatoes-very easy to grow
    2)squash: yellow crookneck, zucchini, cucumbers(japanese, lemon, pickling, etc)
    3)watermelon-grow great in Texas! in fact, texas, i believe Wetherford (i hope i spelled it right), is the watermelon capitol!
    4)Corn-the only fruit grown in every state of the united states of america
    5) Okra- requires lots of water and hot-humid climates.

    these are just a few, go ahead and explore and experiment with whatever you want to!

    The one thing i would recommend is that when i went to texas i found out that they were in a drought, and i would recommend using drip tape instead of trench-flooding irrigation, since drip tape is much more efficient of the water you have, whereas trench-flooding is much more water wasteful. also, if you can afford it, you may want to look long-term and invest in a rain collecting silo. this collects rainwater and you can use it to water your garden-without paying for water!
    http://www.almanac.com/ this will tell you more info.
    Hope i helped :D
    Ps if you need any more info from me about gardening feel free to ask me at samuelmonteon@yahoo.com

  2. krawfish says:

    any veges will grow there. Your main concern should be what type of soil you have. Don’t just put seed in the ground and hope it grows. The time of year it is I suggest a short season crop such as cucumber, summer squash, or something that will be ready to harvest in 60 days or so. Look at the seed packets on the back and read the days to harvest, seed depth and planting dates.

    I also suggest getting a soil test done to see what you have and what you need. It will help your garden become a success. Use mulch to help keep weeds out so that it won’t become a hassle to deal with. Don’t get to big of an area to work, especially the first time you garden veges. Expand later to fit your needs.

    Whatever vege you decide to grow, type a how to grow search on the net and study on it. I’m from louisiana and I use the LSU Agcenter website to get info for my area. Also they have plant recommendations that you could look at for your type of vege Good luck

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